Commercial Moving & Warehouse


  • We perform relocation services for office and business moves, employee shuffles, furniture relocation or storage.
  • We provide onsite survey prior to your move.
  • We service any commercial site in Oregon and Washington.
  • We have an array of cargo vans and moving trucks for loads of all sizes and loading area restrictions.


  • Our receiving department is open Monday-Friday to receive any size shipment from any carrier for your business.  
  • We will accept, inspect, unpack you shipments in our warehouse and hand deliver or install in your location. 
  • We can provide shipping services based on your needs.


  • We can supply tape-less boxes, packing materials and carts for awkward items prior to your move.
  • We have "green" packing totes with optional file bars available on a rental basis.
  • We can provide commercial storage in our warehouse on a temporary or permanent basis.